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🇮🇳 India’s Most Exported Food Products

India is a major exporter of a variety of food products

Most Exported Food Products from India is agricultural products. It’s hardly surprising, given that agriculture employs more than 60% of the country’s population. This is exacerbated by the fact that Indian spices and culinary items are in high demand all around the world. This article will look at some of the most exported food goods in India by any food product exporter.

List of Most Exported Food Products From India

Basmati Rice

With regards to the product of basmati rice is Most Exported Food Products, India is at the highest point of the world. The nation is the biggest maker as well as exporters of basmati rice. In the financial year 2019, India sent out over USD 4.7 billion worth of basmati rice. The main shippers of basmati rice incorporate the center eastern nations of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Yemen, Kuwait, trailed by the USA and the UK.

Non-Basmati Rice

Like basmati rice, the non-basmati rice sends out esteemed at over an incredible USD 3 billion for trading around 44,14,562 MT of non-basmati rice. A portion of the main imports of non-basmati rice incorporate India’s neighbors Nepal, Bangladesh, as well as different countries like Benin, Senegal, and so on.

Indian Vegetables

India is among the top exporters with regards to onions, ginger, okhra, and various other vegetables. Keeping onion to the side, in the year 2018–2019, India traded right around 7,20,559 MT of new vegetables, esteemed at over USD 270 Million. India is the third most elevated exporter of onions, trading around 21,82,944 MT of onions in FY19. This exchange alone was esteemed at over USD 495 Million. A portion of the main shippers of new vegetables from India incorporate the Asian nations of Malaysia, UAE, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, as well as European monsters Netherlands and the UK.


Another item which is traded a considerable amount is groundnut (nut). In the year 2018–19, India sent out north of 4,89,187 MT of the ware. The exchange was esteemed at over USD 430 Million. The nations that imported a huge part of this incorporates Asian nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and so on.

Indian Fruits

With regards to grapes, India sent out north of 2,46,133 MT of it all over the planet in 2018–19. With significant merchants being Netherlands, Russia, and the UK, this exchange acquired over USD 330 Million. India is a main maker of mangoes, and therefore, has sent out north of 46,510 MT of it in FY19. This USD 60 Million exchange included nations, for example, UAE, UK, Oman, etc.For other new organic products trade from India, like bananas, pomegranate, and so on, India sent out more than 3,72,213 MT of it in FY19. Esteemed at over UsD 260 Million, UAE, Oman, Nepal, and Bangladesh were the main shippers.

Handled Fruits and Juices

With regards to handled products of the soil send out from India, the commodity numbers have altogether expanded from the earlier years. India sent out different sorts of handled natural products and juices of north of 3,39,606 MT to nations like Saudi, Netherlands, UAE, UK, USA, and so on in FY19. This is a critical increment contrasted with what was just a little more than 2,64,784 MT in FY18.

Oat Preparations

India is a main exporter of oat and other oat arrangements including rolls, corn drops, bread, and so forth. These cereal products in long term were north of 3,47,752, which netted to more than USD 550 Million. The nations that imported the most oat arrangements incorporate USA, Nepal, UAE, and so on.

Guar gum

Otherwise called Dilip gum, guar gum send out from India is among the most benefitting ones. As a matter of fact, in the year 2018–19, India sent out north of 5,13,211 MT of guar gum prompting an exchange worth over USD 670 Million. The nations bringing in the most included Norway, China, Russia, and Germany.

Misc Processed Items

India additionally sends out other handled food things, for example, masalas, pureed tomatoes, jiggery, and so on. These items got over USD 338 million in the year 2016–17, and have been expanding from that point forward. The USA, Australia, Bangladesh, and Nepal are the top merchants of such items.


Cocktails like Rum, Wine, Whiskey are also Most Exported Food Products, and so on are sent out to a few nations all over the planet. The cocktails trade from India in 2018–19 was north of 2,31,601 MT, and was esteemed at over USD 300 Million. Nations that imported the most incorporate UAE, Ghana, Nigeria, Singapore, Netherlands, and so forth.

Dairy Products

Being the biggest maker of dairy items, it is inescapable that dairy items are among the most sent out food items from India. To give you a look, the dairy items trade from India in the financial year 2019 stands at north of 1,13,725 MT, and is esteemed at nearly USD 345 Million. With regards to dairy items, the nations bringing in the most incorporate UAE, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, and so on.

Indian Cereals

Aside from rice, India is a main exporter of various different cereals too. For wheat, the FY19 saw a commodity of more than 2,26,225 MT, trailed by Maize with north of 10,51,277 MT. The gross sent out amount of different oats, for example, jowar, bajra, and so on

Indian Pulses

India is the top maker of Pulses on the planet. This interest for beats has seen the nation trade north of 2,89,593 MT of heartbeats to nations like Algeria, USA, UAE, and so on in FY19 This Pulses send out from India got over USD 260 Million to the country.

Cocoa Products

Cocoa is a well known drink delivered in south India. The general cocoa send out from India in 2018–19 is north of 27,603 MT. This exchange is worth over USD 193 million and sees nations like the USA, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, and so on bringing in the most.

Sheep/Goat Meat

Sheep and goat meat send out from India is significantly to nations like UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Maldives, and so forth. The complete goat/sheep meat send out from India in 2018–19 weighed north of 18,425 MT, and got over USD 110 Million.

Processed Products

Processed items incorporate the flours of wheat, rice, maize, and so on. India is among the main makers of different sorts of flour. The flour send out from India in the FY19 remained at north of 3,07,367 MT, and acquired roughly USD 151 Million. The nations that imported these the most incorporate USA, UAE, Australia, and so forth.


Horticulture incorporates various kinds of blossoms. The general horticulture trade from India in 2018–19 stands at north of 19,726 MT, achieving in USD 81 million. The significant merchants of these incorporate USA, and European nations like the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and so on.


India is one of the main makers of wheat. Mostly delivered in North India, the wheat trade from India in the year 2018–19 was more than 2,26,225 MT and was esteemed at about USD 60 million. The significant wheat bringing in nations incorporate Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE, Somalia, and so forth.

Being a country with an enormous spotlight on horticulture, India surely merits being at the highest point of the worldwide product diagrams. Include the fantastic nature of the Indian horticultural items, the reasonable rates, and the mechanical developments in with the general mish-mash, and you can see the reason why the Indian food market has an enormous interest.

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